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How to get involved


Join Office Hours


Climate office hours are exactly what you think — a time blocked off each week for us to hear your concerns and answer questions about climate change. Pop in and pop out or stay the whole time, this is a flexible time for you to share what's on your mind. Hosted by ISU professor Emerita Lee Anne Willson and Lucas Bleyle, two long-time Ames residents concerned about climate change.

Held every Monday from 7:00-8:00.


Once a month on the second Monday office hours are exchanged for our all-member meeting. 


Join our email list

Our email list is a great way to stay updated about local climate news as well as ACAT activities. Follow us on Facebook. Find information and resources, updated regularly, here on our website. 


General Meetings

ACAT meets the second Monday of every month. At these meetings debrief about recent local climate developments, hear updates from working groups, and discuss future efforts.



Working Groups

ACAT has four working groups that meet separately to further organizational goals. These groups meet weekly or monthly depending on current objectives. The teams focus on:  local engagement and discourse; outreach and education events;  state and national politics; and rapid response coordination and communications.

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