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Climate Matters: a podcast about climate change in Ames

Radio interviews on topics related to climate and the Ames Climate Action Plan, hosted by ACAT members Mary Richards and Lee Anne Willson.

Broadcast on KHOI-FM ( on Saturday mornings at 10AM:


April 1: Interview with Jeri Neal on the topic of “What is ACAT?”


April 15: Interview with Deb Schildroth on the topic of “What is the City of Ames doing for climate action?”


April 29: Mary Richards interviews Lee Anne Willson about her blog, “By the Numbers.”


May 13: Interview with Bob Haug on the topic of Ames’ waste-to-energy system and sources of electric power.


May 29: Interview with Bill Schmitt about what the Resource Recovery department of the City of Ames does with story county solid waste.


June 10: Interview with Paul Readhead on the topic of garbage hauling in Ames.


To access past broadcasts: Go to, and select “Live streaming and web archive.”


The drop-down menu “All Shows” may have Climate Matters listed; if so, choose that. If it does not yet have that option, choose “Radio Curious.” Find the date for the program that you want to listen to. Even if it says, “Radio Curious,” our show will be what you hear for April 1, 15, 29; May 13 and 27; and future 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

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